Three Ways to Make the Most of Vibrant Faith MasterClass Season Pass

Each year, Vibrant Faith puts together a Spring and Fall schedule of MasterClasses for ministry leaders, churches, and faith-based organizations. The instructors are leaders and influencers in their fields, and our online class format allows for high-quality engagement and interaction between all the participants. In addition, the digital format allows for on-demand video access for each class. Topics cover faith formation, fostering congregational unity and renovation, leadership, and more. Most of all, these MasterClasses help us to continue to focus on inviting others to experience the radical and life-changing way of Jesus that keeps us growing closer to him.

The best way to experience MasterClasses at Vibrant Faith is through our season pass. When you purchase a pass, you’ll gain access to all our classes offered in the current season, not just for you but for your entire team to regularly access continuing education for their ministries. Read on for three ways to make the most of a Vibrant Faith Season Pass!

Purchase your Season Pass Here

Purchase your Season Pass Here

Schedule time in your staff meetings each week to recap the classes you attend. 
What were the takeaways? How has it encouraged you to approach your ministry differently? Sharing and debriefing after a class with your team can be a catalyst for change. If the topic is particularly weighty for your work, it can often be a moment of connection that leads to greater unity. 

Choose one thing you can implement in your work right now.
Many of our classes and instructors share tips and strategies that have worked for them that might resonate with you. Choose one thing that’s easy to implement without a lot of prep work, and then see how you feel and how it sits with your congregants. Let small positive changes and successes lead to more extensive transformation for your ministry. 

Use your season pass to explore new and emerging areas of ministry. 
For many of us, our positions of ministry are given to us to steward for a season. As we contemplate changes in our ministries, a season pass can help explore themes and topics relevant to where we think the Lord is next leading us.

Finally, have you identified new ministry objectives or areas of change for your ministry? Schedule a consultation with our coaching director Jim Ladoux and see if coaching for your ministry or organization is your best next step. A coach can help you identify obstacles and areas of strength or help clarify goals and objectives for your next season of ministry. They can also help implement your plan for congregational renewal or revitalization.

We look forward to growing with you in our next season of MasterClasses at Vibrant Faith!

Purchase your Season Pass Here


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