It’s time.

It’s time for every church to commit to adult faith formation. The transmission of faith to the next generation lies not in our work with children and youth, but rather with adults. We talk a good game for lifelong faith formation, but our actions remain primarily focused on children and youth. It’s time to flip the paradigm.
Spend a day exploring the possibilities…

and discovering the resources, methods, and strategies for doing effective adult faith formation in the congregation. In the context of the four seasons of adulthood – young adult, midlife adult, mature adult, older adult – we will explore:

  • Practical approaches of that reach beyond traditional practices that have more-or-less mirrored the schooling, education model
  • New Models that are showing real promise in some congregations
  • Digitally enabled efforts that are appropriate for the audience and doable
  • Design and planning process for building a networked approach to adult faith formation.
You’ll come away with . . .
  • A renewed vision for empowering adults in their journey of faith
  • A host of methods and strategies that you can customize and integrate into your congregation
  • A practical planning and implementation process that you can take home and utilize right away
  • An introduction to a plethora of resources already tested and proven to enhance adult faith
  • A positive experience of adult learning and growth for yourself.

Our relational needs are no less strong as adults than they are as children.


Goal is adult discipleship
  • a portrait of the adult disciple
  • adult faith formation is crucial for faith transmission to the next generation
  • adult faith formation is crucial for congregational life
  • draft your vision of adult faith formation
Emerging Models - moving beyond the traditional approach
  • beyond education => formation
  • beyond life stage => life experiences
  • beyond one size fits all => seasons of adult life
  • beyond classroom => mentoring, serving, socializing, surfing
  • beyond church hall => online, in the marketplace, other
  • beyond . . .
Different Seasons, Different Approaches
  • adults need others — a brief exploration of adult attachment theory
  • characteristics and life experiences of each “season” — young adult, midlife adult, mature adult, older adult
  • models, methods, and examples of effective faith formation for each “season.” See what’s working elsewhere.
  • re-visit and revise your vision of adult faith formation
  • tools for custom designing your innovative model of adult faith formation
  • go forth



9am – 3:30pm


$59/person for teams of 3+

  • Morning refreshments provided
  • Lunch is on your own
  • All necessary materials provided – bring writing tools


We’ll communicate via email prior to and after the event, so please make sure to provide a valid email that you check regularly. If you have questions, contact our registrar Melanie Schwolert at or call 877.239.2492 and press 0



Executive Director of Vibrant Faith

Vibrant Faith Partner for Training

Director of Coaching to Connect; Author, Trainer, Coach

Digital Missioner at the Center for the Ministry of Teaching, Virginia Theological Seminary; Alexandria, VA; Instructor, Author

President, Lifelong Faith Associates

It’s time. Are you ready?

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