Vibrant Faith Institute


Vibrant Faith Institute

The Vibrant Faith Institute is designed for leaders who care about the future of faith formation in their communities—whether they are full time, part time, or volunteer leaders. Pastors, faith formation directors and coordinators of children, youth, adult or family ministries can all benefit from our Vibrant Faith Institute courses.

A new vision of faith formation for the 21st century and a new set of faith formation practices and approaches for all ages

Every church wants vibrant, life-transforming faith formation for all ages and generations that promotes lifelong faith growth and discipleship. Our 21st century world presents congregations and their leaders with significant challenges and with new possibilities for creating dynamic faith formation

The Vibrant Faith Institute is designed to help leaders embrace a new vision and develop a new set of practices for faith formation with all ages in your church.
You will learn to:

  • engage all generations intergenerationally
  • nurture family faith and parents are equipped to transmit faith to their children
  • promote faith maturing from childhood through older adulthood
  • develop missional outreach to the unaffiliated and un-involved to invite people into discipleship and participation in the faith community
  • utilize digitally-enabled approaches in faith formation with all ages and generations

The Vibrant Faith Institute is an online approach to educating leaders that includes the following features:

  • online live presentations conducted by experts in the field of faith formation
  • self-paced, dynamic online learning sessions with selected readings, videos, and online resources
  • an online learning community
  • practical activities and resources to apply the knowledge, practices, and skills to faith formation in your church

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Registration is due two weeks before the start date of the course

Meet the Coordinator


John Roberto is a member of the Vibrant Faith Executive Team, and Project Coordinator for the Vibrant Faith Institute.  He is the Founder and President of Lifelong Faith Associates, editor of the Lifelong Faith Journal, and coordinator for the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative.  For over four decades John has  provided consultation to churches and national organizations, taught courses and conducted workshops in faith formation. He has authored books and program manuals in youth ministry, family ministry, and intergenerational faith formation. John lives with his wife, Linda, in Cheshire, Connecticut.

John Roberto

John Roberto

Vibrant Faith Executive Team and Coordinator

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