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For many years we’ve been training ICF-certified ministry leadership coaches in our Vibrant Faith Coaching School. As our highly experienced coaches engage with the people impacting your project, they’ll build a supportive presence that fosters forward, confident movement. And as they support and accompany participants in your projects, they’ll flourish. Your work will yield deeper, more impactful insights and outcomes. And you’ll experience the confidence that comes when skilled coaches with deep ministry experience help unlock the potential in your people and your project.

We do all this by training coaches to accompany leaders, congregations, and organizations.

We train coaches to catalyze growth, resilience, and reinvention.

At Vibrant Faith, we believe in the power of presence and accompaniment to influence strong, thriving families, churches, leaders, and organizations. Our mission is to empower ministry leaders to cultivate Jesus-centered families. Through ministry leadership coaching, we foster deep relational connections, organic growth, and ministry environments where everyone can flourish. We’ve learned a lot in the past 25 years—training coaches, and coaching churches and ministry leaders. And we have our own rich history of launching, fueling, and landing broad and impactful research projects.

We train coaches to build foundations of trust and support.

In a world that often feels disconnected, Vibrant Faith-trained coaches create safe and supportive spaces for your project participants. As trust and support grows between group and individual sessions, onsite visits, and gathered trainings, Vibrant Faith-trained coaches help participants unleash new ways of thinking and being in their unique context.

Vibrant Faith’s ICF-trained coaches help your grant project to generate momentum at a stable and sustainable pace.

We’ve developed our research-backed resources through our ongoing work with more than 100 churches and organizations in projects funded by the Lilly Endowment. Together, we can build outcomes that stand the test of time.

What Vibrant Faith Coaching Services can do for you:

Coaching Training

Our Vibrant Faith Coaching School will train leaders you've identified with potential, helping them earn International Coaching Federation Certification, and greatly expanding their impact and influence as they serve in your project.

Trained Coaches

We have a “deep bench” of trained coaches who can come alongside the churches and organizations in your project to support them as they work toward their goals.

Professional Support

Our Coaching Services Director, Jim LaDoux, will work with you to unlock your vision and overcome the barriers in your way—so you can focus on achieving the goals of your project.

Discover how Vibrant Faith-trained coaches can deepen the impact of your project and fuel momentum toward your goals.

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