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How are faithful Christian disciples formed today?

What sustains them through a lifetime?

How can congregations make a real difference?

The approaches we’ve used in the past are no longer adequate in today’s digital, individualized, highly secularized culture. Yet, some innovative approaches to highly relational discipling are showing promise. The new efforts covered in this training will help your congregation create authentic Christian community that beckons persons of all ages—children, youth, adults—into an exciting journey of both faith and religious practice.

$99 per person.
25 sites around the country in 2015. See Dates & Sites.

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Welcome to the Team

Vibrant Faith is so pleased to announce two amazing additions to our team. As we head out on new adventures we’ve added these two members to the team to explore new areas of focus for our ministry. Let us introduce you…


Dr. Roland Martinson is leading our defining new initiative in Action Research. Rollie is coming out of a very short-lived retirement from Luther Seminary to lead us in offering services to churches, organizations and leaders designed to accompany them in delving into struggle and possibilities in the church’s processes of faith formation. Rollie is uniquely gifted to lead our crew of Research Specialists as we partner with you to explore new practices and perspectives in forming faith in today’s world. We believe this work is urgent, are very excited to be doing it, and have already begun with four distinct projects. You can reach Rollie to ask him more about how you can be a part of our community of curious leaders at 877.239.2492 or rmartinson@vibrantfaith.org.

Jared Rendell has joined Vibrant Faith to lead our Digital Strategies. We want to help churches take the digital world seriously and effectively navigate digital delivery of faith forming resources. Jared will work both to create digital strategies that will serve you, as well as to turn his gifts to joining and re-imaginging the digital presence of congregations. You may recognize his name–he’s married to our wonderful social media coach, Anna Rendell. We’re delighted to have a ministry focused leader heading up such an important part of our new work. You can reach Jared at jrendell@vibrantfaith.org or 877.239.2492.

Rollie and Jared join Nancy Going- Interim Executive Director: Jim LaDoux-Lead Partner for Coaching; Tom Schwolert-Vibrant Faith Training Schools and Coaching Specialist; Leif Kehrwald- Lead Partner for Training; Anna Rendell- Social Media Specialist; John Roberto, Training Specialist. We can’t wait to tell you even more about where we are headed.



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