Since our inception, Vibrant Faith Ministries has championed the role of family in faith formation. We have been fulfilling this calling for the past 25 years – first as the Youth and Family Institute and then as Vibrant Faith Ministries.

Nurturing vibrant faith in families of all ages is our central mission. However, with the unprecedented changes taking place in our world, we sense that we must assist families and congregations to successfully navigate these changes and  frame appropriate Christ-centered responses.

To accomplish this, we are engaging in “Action Research.” This new focus will undergird our existing work. This means that in addition to providing the highest level of coaching and training we are becoming a catalyst by exploring the processes of effective faith formation in the 21st century. The body of Action Research we facilitate will shape our training, coaching and consulting at every level. We believe that our new focus can unleash a movement of transformation in families, congregations and the world for the sake of the Gospel.

To devote the organizational time and energy necessary for this new endeavor, we will no longer offer resources for sale after August 1, 2014. However, we are working to arrange for you to be able to purchase the resources you love from other vendors.

Throughout the remainder of 2014, you will see signs of our emerging focus in new initiatives, programs and services. We ask for your prayers and support. We are grateful for your confidence in us, and we appreciate the freedom to innovate and create where the Spirit is leading the Body of Christ.

Stay tuned and join the movement!

Nancy Going

Nancy Going, Interim Executive Director and Vibrant Faith Ministries Board of Directors


Watch For Updates Throughout 2014!

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