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Action Research

Taking a look at the current landscape of faith formation through honest inquiry led by holy curiosity



Personalized, conversational guidance focused on your heart, your ministry, and your faith community



Developing new skills, methods, and ideas relevant to ministry today through unique training experiences.


Digital Strategy

Communicating and connecting through genuine online conversations and digital hospitality


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Connect. Equip. Bless. Empower.

Vibrant Faith Coaching helps leaders focus on what really matters in ministry and challenges them to think bigger and more creatively. Coaching participants are moved beyond what they thought possible, and increase their confidence and capacity as a leader.

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Upcoming Opportunities

We’ve designed valuable training experiences for today’s leaders in ministry.
Find an event in your area, or contact us if you’d be interested in hosting an event or training school.
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Training School

Whether you’re an ordained pastor for 30 years, or just out of college and mentoring young people in faith, Vibrant Faith Training School may be the next step in your personal and professional development. Participants experientially learn strategies to help people form faith at all ages and life stages.

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Do What Matters!

This brand new training experience helps leaders imagine and implement effective faith formation practices for today and for future generations. It is anchored in recent research, propelled by the urgent need for change, yet tempered by decades of leadership in the field.

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Digital Learning

We’ve designed a set of refreshed, reimagined online education experiences rolling out throughout 2015, all delivered on your computer screen or mobile device. These include the Future of Faith Formation series, What’s Now | What’s Next, and pop-up free webinars

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Engaging Adults

It’s time for every church to commit to adult faith formation. The transmission of faith to the next generation lies not in our work with children and youth, but rather with adults. Explore the possibilities and discover resources, methods, and strategies for doing effective adult faith formation in the congregation.

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Community of Curious Leaders

Join the conversation. We’re talking about the things that matter most for ministry today. This is a place to ask questions, generate ideas, process experiences, connect with peers, and be encouraged. Registration is simple and takes about 2 minutes. Welcome to a community built just for you.


Meaningful Conversations

What if you could, anytime you wanted, bounce an idea off another leader. This community keeps its doors open 24/7.

Like-minded Peers

Learn and teach at the same time with other leaders going through similar things.

Experienced Leaders

Joining your conversations are faith formation experts with decades of experience under their belts.

Actionable Ideas

As you chat, you’ll take away things you can implement immediately, or save for a day when you need it most.

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