The last two years reshaped and challenged our assumptions about how church and life should work, leaving us with daunting questions:

  • How can worship and our rhythms of spiritual life flow easily between the digital and physical spheres? Can they work together for growth?
  • What is God calling Jesus followers to do in this new landscape? How do we influence the world so that others can see that way of Jesus is the best answer to life’s challenging questions?
  • What is God calling me to in this new landscape? How is he changing me and calling me to renewed purposes in my life, or entirely new purposes?

CallingNOW, 30 video experiences accompanied by prayers, devotions, and questions to help us engage God’s callings, is Vibrant Faith’s newest resource for congregations, ministries, and individuals. It was developed in partnership with the Lilly Endowment—it’s for churches, ministry teams, and individuals as they consider God’s movement in their lives.

CallingNOW Offers


30 Story-based videos invite exploration of this rich theme of Christian theology in both the digital and physical sphere.


Prayers, devotions, and questions challenge us to think about God’s callings to us in new ways.


New ways of thinking will help drive change for your teams and congregations.

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CallingNOW FAQ:

If I want to share CallingNOW with my community, do I need to purchase a copy for each participant?
NO! You only need to purchase CallingNOW one time!

Can we share CallingNOW via Facebook, text, email, or other digital way?
YES! Share the password securely with your community and share the link in whichever manner works best for your communications context, whether it’s via email, social media, text, or more. You only need one password!

What about copyrights and other permissions?
All copyrights and permissions were secured during the production of CallingNOW and include the ability for you to share with your community as you see fit.

How do I best use CallingNOW?
CallingNOW is a versatile resource. Here’s a few ways that we see it working across the various modes of worship:

  • In-Person contexts: Share a hard copy of the discussion questions, prayers, and devotions, and watch the video together in person.
  • Hybrid contexts: Share the link to the video and the PDF with discussion questions, prayers, and devotions, then gather safely in person to discuss and grow.
  • Fully digital contexts: Share the link to video and the PDF however it best suit suits your communication style. Participants can watch and reflect individually, then jump into a digital chat, group, or other digital forum for discussion and growth. On-the-go options we like besides plain old group texts include WhatsApp, GroupMe, or Vibr. Your church software might also have group communication options (check with your provider)

Can I share CallingNOW?
We created CallingNOW for churches and ministry leaders to share with their congregations and ministries. We want everyone who engages in it to enjoy it and come to know and act on God’s calling in their life. We kindly ask that you only share CallingNOW in your own ministry context. If you know of someone outside your context who would benefit from CallingNOW, please refer them to our CallingNOW webpage so they can purchase their own experience.

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CallingNOW - 30 Video Story Experiences

$ 49.99

Our Vibrant Faith team has developed these story-based Calling Now devotional experiences to help both youth and adults deeply explore God’s answers to these questions in their lives. These experiences are flexible—easy to use either online or in person. And they are expertly designed to help people develop deeper connections with God.  What’s included: 
  1. 30 Story Videos
  2. 30 Corresponding PDF’s with questions, devotions, and prayers
  3. A user guide with tips and suggestions to help you get started and help you introduce the experience in your church or ministry.  

We created CallingNOW to be shared among congregations and ministries. We kindly ask that you only share CallingNOW in your own ministry context. If you know of someone outside your context who would benefit from CallingNOW, please refer HERE so they can purchase their own experience.

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