Vibrant Faith Coaches

What long lasting impacts could you leave on your community if you could…

Help your leaders and congregations thrive through growing a culture of vibrant faith?

Build a ministry where community built on celebrating faith milestones was characterized by rich rhythms of spiritual conversations?

Explore ways to form faith in person, online, and in households and families?

What do you want vibrant faith to look like in your congregation?

Vibrant Faith’s trained and ICF certified coaches…

Ask powerful questions that help ministry leaders, leadership teams, and congregations make transformative discoveries about themselves and their ministries.

Inspire leaders to broaden their scope of what is possible and build faithful action steps to success.

Celebrates breaking through challenges as you pursue your preferred future.

The Coaching Experience

Your Vibrant Faith coach will create a safe and confidential space to support the transformation you are seeking in your life or ministry setting. As you celebrate together the ways your ministry and life are changing, your coach will continue to lead to lead you in a thought provoking and creative process to continue to build on your success.

Vibrant Faith Coaching Opportunities

$150 an Hour
• Leadership Development
• Aligning Skills, actions, conversations and calling to mission
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Ministry Teams
$200 per hour
• Team Building and Development
• Faith Formation Practices
• Aligning with mission vision and values
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per month
fees may vary
• Strategic Planning
• Church wide Faith Formation
• Community Building
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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a relationship where a coach and a coachee partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaching is one of many pathways for empowering individuals, teams, and congregations to live into God’s preferred future.

When you meet with a coach, they’ll walk with you through your challenges, asking powerful questions to help you expand the realm of possibilities of your potential. They’ll challenge negative mindsets and celebrate successes and help you build on those wins.

Sessions as long as they need to, but the average is 30-60 minutes. There will also be some work you and your coach agree between sessions. The time you spend is based on your own pace.

When you schedule a coaching session, you’ll be able to choose your coach. All coaches at Vibrant Faith have been trained and certified through the International Coaching Federation. They adhere to a set of standards, and are vetted by key staff at vibrant faith.

A coaching relationship is client centered. That means the the duration of the relationship is up to you. Some coaching relationships last a month or up to several years.

Coaching is a client centered relationship, and most the transformation occurs when clients are putting in the work between sessions to make progress. So to the extent that you’re putting into practice the solutions and changes and innovations you plan with your coach, you can make as much progress as you like at the pace of your choosing.

A coach partners with a client, asking powerful questions to draw out wisdom and possibilities that the client already has at their fingertips and works with them to develop a plan that the client can carry out. In a coaching relationship the client is the expert and all progress is dependent on them doing the hard work of transformation between sessions. A consultant offers their expertise, draws up a plan, and then gives the client the plan to carry out. It’s a service oriented relationship and there’s no support offered to clients while they’re carrying out the plan from the consultant.

You can learn more about the difference between a coach and a consultant in our coaching videos.

If you know which coach you’d like to work with, you can head over to the store to purchase your session. Your coach will be notified when you’ve purchased your sessions and they’ll reach out to schedule times and locations.

You can also schedule a complimentary coaching consultation. A vibrant faith coach will contact you and learn more about your needs and plans and after the session they’ll tell you how to schedule more sessions if you choose to move forward.

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