Our Approach in Coaching

Vibrant Faith partners with your leaders and teams to create vibrant faith and vital congregations. Our experienced coaches help you as a leader see your strengths and view challenges in a whole new way.
Our approach helps you:


Vibrant Faith brings an objective, outside viewpoint to assess the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your congregation, helping you to see your ministries from new angles of vision. We come prepared with eye-opening assessment tools that lay the foundation for developing a preferred future. The goal is to listen deeply for your church and local community as we define your congregation’s current reality.


The review process guides you as a leader toward paying attention to results, challenging assumptions and norms, and broadening people’s perspectives on what is possible.  We help leaders see that there might be better ways of forming faith and developing leaders than what you’ve done in the past.


The reinvention process leads to “trying on” new ways for being church together and for helping people follow in the way of Jesus.  Insights and ideas generated by you and your team are translated into tangible actions, and eventually a road map for moving forward in ministry. The answers to your challenges are already in the room, we unleash your creative energy to realize new possibilities at the next horizon.

Become a Certified Coach at our Vibrant Faith Coaching School


Vibrant Faith coaches pay attention to your church’s entire system, noting its unique components and interactions that, if taken as a whole, lead to better results and greater impact. We invite and empower coaches and congregations to Develop, Discover, Discern, Design, and Do. 

Have more questions? Contact us to find out more about our coaching services and to discover how Vibrant Faith can partner with you and your ministry to offer coaching, guidance and insight into bringing your ministries, your congregation and your community into the next level of a Vibrant and life-long faith journey. To directly connect with Jim Ladoux, head of our coaching department, email jladoux@vibrantfaith.org  

Vibrant Faith’s coaching philosophy is uniquely tailored for your congregation.
It focuses on your congregational strengths, works around your challenges, and honors your gifts and passions. Vibrant Faith also emphasizes decision-making approaches that are:


Vibrant Faith’s coaching processes and practices use past and present research to inform ongoing decision-making.
We suggest pathways for moving forward based on research and recent discoveries.

Help leader do what matters

Vibrant Faith strives to be good stewards of people’s time, attention, and energy, and helps leaders do what matters most.  We help people be intentional about where they invest their resources.

Strategic, adaptive, and action-oriented

We help organizations be strategic (do the right things for the right reasons), adaptive (holding on to what is essential while being willing to try new things to get better results) and action-oriented (doing what’s in the best interest of God’s mission). Paying attention to these three leadership essentials helps ensure that transformation takes place within leaders and their faith communities.


 Coaching Leaders

Our coaches are equipped to bring out God’s best in your paid and unpaid leaders. Through onsite, online or phone conversations, they will assist leaders in with:

  •  Building on their strengths, working around their weaknesses, and solving their most difficult challenges.
  • Asking the right questions, at the right time, with the right people.
  • Identifying assets and resources to support mission within their congregations and communities.
  • Setting boundaries and developing new practices that help leaders live and lead well.
  • Aligning their assets, actions and conversations with God’s mission and their callings in life.
  • Gaining new insights and tools for having crucial conversations with friends, loved ones, leaders, and members of their church.

LENGTH: 1mo – 1yr  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $100-$200/hr


Coaching Teams

Vibrant Faith frequently coaches whole teams such as pastoral and program staff, faith formation teams, vision teams or hospitality task forces. Our coaches are equipped to understand your team’s unique team talent mix and how it can best be deployed to fulfill God’s mission for your church. Vibrant Faith coaches are often used to assist with selecting staff and team members, building high performance teams and aligning the work of teams with the congregation’s mission, vision and values.

LENGTH: 1mo – 1yr  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $200-$400/month


Coaching Congregations
& Non-profits

Vibrant Faith frequently coaches multiple individuals and groups within a church for a year or more around processes designed to create a culture of vibrant faith and congregational vitality.

LENGTH: 1mo – 1yr  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $1000-$4000/year


Coaching Cohorts9

On occasion, leaders from different organizations are brought together in cohorts allowing them to experience peer to peer interactions around issues of common concern. Vibrant Faith coaches facilitate these cohort sessions (usually held once a month) encouraging discussions around real situations faced by each leader. Many of our cohorts have specific learning outcomes, assignments and agendas. Our coaches can help you design a cohort that meets your ministry needs. Examples of cohorts that have been or are currently offered through Vibrant Faith include Reachable Reconciliation Cohorts, Intergenerational Leadership Cohorts, and Youth Ministry 101 Coaching Cohorts.

Click here for more information and to sign up for one of our current cohorts:

LENGTH: 5mo – 1yr  |  TYPE: Online |  COST: $100/per person per session

A Fall 2020 FREE Coaching offering

If you are looking for additional support our coaches would like to help. We are offering a limited number of FREE 1 hour coaching sessions on a first come-first served basis. This is offered to the first 10 individals who register below. We hope this can provide a confidential space and listening ear for you and your ministry needs this fall.

  • Please let us know what time of day works best for you in the next two weeks. Upon receiving this form, we will email you potential dates and times for your consultation.
  • Share additional information about your ministry to help us best meet your needs.

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