Our name is our mission - vibrant faith. We're generating adaptive change in the formation of faith with Christian communities and the leaders that serve them. Coaching is how we do that best.

We coach toward key outcomes with a consisted lens on faith forming culture and systems that lead to vibrant faith.

We coach to:

Building Faith Forming Community, Becoming a Storytelling Church, Deepening Your Leadership Bench, Getting Started Taking Your Church Digital, Leading Well, Adaptive Strategic Planning, Developing & Sharing Your Brand Identity, Moving From Program to Relationship, and Faith Formation in Digital Space.

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We have 3 primary models of coaching


Our most common coaching model, this model involves multiple individuals and groups within a church and is designed to move a faith community toward a culture of vibrant faith. A primary contact from your church will communicate with a lead coach from Vibrant Faith to guide the process, ensure forward motion, and offer accountability. Click below to learn more and explore potential outcomes and contract options.

LENGTH: 3mos – 2yrs  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $1000-$10,000


Individual coaching contracts are one-on-one engagements with an experienced coach to bring faith-forming vision, focus, and creativity to your ministry. These coaching experiences focus on one key leader with specific tasks, vision, or personal/professional development goals.

LENGTH: 1mo – 1yr  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $100-$200/hr


The cohort modeal is our fastest growing type, as leaders are finding deep value in both engagements with an experience coach as well as meaningful conversations with other cohort participants. Cohorts are small groups of peers focused in a shared learning environment on innovative faith formation and adaptive leadership.

LENGTH: 6mos – 2yrs  |  TYPES: Online, Phone, and Onsite  |  COST: $250-$3000

Our Guiding Process


It starts with deep listening, which leads to shared discovery. Discovery helps us understand current states, and uncovers possibilities for the future.


Collaboratively choosing a preferred future and desired outcomes gets everyone on the same page and trajectory.


Coaching leads to ministry that creates opportunity to bless others as people discover, develop and deploy their gifts and passions.


We then execute based on what we learned, evaluate with great questions, and begin to explore the next iteration.

This process is actually more circular than linear, turning back around again after completing one iteration, and adaptive to future explorations.

Invest in adaptive leadership, tranforming relationships, and digital engagement

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