Coaching Moves you from surviving to thriving

Discover a ministry coaching solution that helps your
ministry overcome challenges and envision a
vibrant future of possibility

Identify your strengths and view challenges in a whole new way

Vibrant Faith’s experienced, ICF-certified coaches help you increase your impact as a leader and a congregation

Here’s what you can expect from ministry coaching:

Accelerate the changes you need with a research-backed process that’s proven to work

Learn about Vibrant Faith’s 3-Step Coaching Process


Assess the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your congregation using eye-opening assessment tools that define your congregation’s current reality..


Artfully challenge assumptions and norms so that you begin to see better ways of forming faith and developing leaders than what you’ve done in the past. Then broaden your perspective on what is possible.


Insights and ideas generated by you and your team are translated into tangible actions, and eventually a road map for moving forward in ministry. on what is possible.

Checklist for Selecting a Ministry Coach to Serve Your Church and Support Your Leaders

With Vibrant Faith, you will benefit from having a coach who…

Vibrant faith

Other coaching programs

Has received more then 100 hours of
ICF-certified training.
Has more than 100 hours of coaching exprerience.
Is part of a coaching Development Learning Community.
Has experience working with a wide variety of denominations and congregations.
Works with a team of coaches who are committed to supporting your ministry objectives.
Is equipped to assess your congregation’s spiritual vitality and overall health.
Has received training in lifelong faith-formation principles and practices.
Has training and experience in leading sustained transformation in leaders and churches they serve.

Explore Vibrant Faith’s coaching opportunities

For Ministry Leaders

Our coaches are equipped to bring out God’s best in your paid and unpaid leaders. Through onsite, online or phone conversations, they will assist leaders with:
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For Ministry Leadership Teams

Vibrant Faith frequently coaches whole teams, such as pastoral and program staff, faith formation teams, vision teams or hospitality task forces. Our coaches are equipped to understand your team’s unique team talent mix and how it can best be deployed to fulfill God’s mission for your church. Vibrant Faith coaches are often used to assist with selecting staff and team members, building high performance teams and aligning the work of teams with the congregation’s mission, vision and values.

For Congregations

Vibrant Faith frequently coaches multiple individuals and groups
within a church for a year or more around processes designed to
create a culture of vibrant faith and congregational vitality.

Invest in your gifts of leadership by becoming a coach for other ministry leaders

Discover Vibrant Faith’s Coaching School

The church needs more trained and skilled individuals to coach churches toward a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. Receive training and International Coaching Federation certification to meet this vital need.

Learn how to lead the change you want in your ministry Using ViBRant Faith's 3 R's of leading change method

Now offering one-day and two-day Coaching-School Intensives for ministry leaders who want to learn the basic skills and practices of ministry leadership coaching.

Special Coaching Cohort Opportunity: Reachable Reconciliation

Identify division and work toward reachable reconciliation with Fred Oduyoye

You wish to become a church that addresses issues of diversity, racial tension, and embedded attitudes that divide rather than unify–here’s how to start. This 5-month cohort, available to individuals and groups, moves you through a healthy, one-of-a-kind reconciliation cycle.
Fred-Oduyoye "Ministry Coaching"

how to lead the change you want in your ministry

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