In a world where 4000 CHURCHES are closing their doors every week

vibrant faith is transforming the way we envision and design faith formation for all ages and generations in the 21st century.

But to keep this work up we need you.

In a world where—

Vibrant Faith Trains Leaders, Coaches, & Congregations for:

fewer families are practicing the Christian Faith

Heart Transformation because becoming more like Jesus is the essence of Vibrant Faith.
Intergenerational “Family” Relationships because faith is formed through trusted relationships – in families and through church communities.
Lifelong because the Spirit forms us at ALL stages of life.
Called because living our God-given callings is the journey of Vibrant Faith.

help vibrant faith train leaders, coaches, & congregrations

In a time when parents and grandparents lament,

“Our children have stopped going to church.”
“Our grandchildren are not being taught about faith in Jesus.”
“Our family does not know or read the Bible.”

Vibrant Faith serves through coaching & training

We have worked with hundreds of churches to help them move from “keeping our Sunday school alive” to celebrating all ages together in intergenerational learning and relationships AND empowering families to share and grow faith in their daily lives. 

help vibrant faith serve through coaching & training

We need you to partner with Vibrant Faith

Through prayers and financial gifts you can help Vibrant Faith:

Provide the Visual Faith Project’s transforming methods, skills, and tools to more churches.

Supply coaches who are essential to help churches move toward effective formation.

Train increasing numbers of coaches and expand the mission to more faith communities and families.

Together we can engage God's Spirit in the renewal of christian faith in the church and in family life.

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