We believe, as you almost surely do, that parent influence is the key to influencing a deepening faith in young people. Because experience and three decades of targeted research supports this belief, it naturally follows that the focal point for transformational ministry is in the home, not in church-based programs.

But making this shift toward cultivating transformational ministry in the home is challenging. And that’s why the team at Vibrant Faith is proud to launch Familying the Faith.

Let’s Cultivate Spiritual Growth Together

Our newest resource, Familying the Faith, combines the best of what we know from research, with the best of what we do in Vibrant Faith Masterclasses, articles, and coaching relationships. Created from a mountain of generative work, Familying the Faith is a new e-book with 2 MasterClass sessions featuring Dr. Christian Smith, sociology of religion professor at Notre Dame, and Laura Kelly Fanucci, writer and founder of Mothering Spirit.


FAMILYING the Faith Includes:

  • The FAMILYING the Faith e-book, written by Vibrant Faith’s Dr. Nancy Going and Rick Lawrence, with contributions from Vibrant Faith Coach Denise Utter
  • Video Training: “Religious Parenting,” with Dr. Christian Smith
  • Video Training (Two Sessions): “Faith Formation at Home,” with Laura Kelly Fanucci

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Copyrights: Vibrant Faith owns the copyrights to all materials. You have permission to use all images and files in the resource kit. You can use these files inside of your congregation as you see fit.

2. Terms of Service: We created Familying The Faith for churches and ministry leaders to share with their congregations and ministries.

We want everyone who engages in it to enjoy it and come to know and act on God’s callings in their life. We kindly ask that you only share Familying The Faith within your ministry context.

If you know someone outside your ministry context that would benefit from this resource, please refer them to our Familying The Faith webpage so they can purchase their own experience

3. Access: Your one-time purchase of Familying The Faith gives you lifetime access to the resource.

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