Become a champion oF reconciliation within your church and community

Join us for a five-month training course that will help your congregation and community move toward real-world reconciliation.

It’s common to feel awkward and uncomfortable about the topic of race and racial tensions in our culture—to not know what to say or how to say it. But with courage and a willingness to address these tensions within your life, ministry, and community, reconciliation can happen. This course is the first step.

Reachable Reconciliation offers a powerful way to listen, learn, and have relationship-building conversations about race, diversity, and responsibility.

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Journey through a healthy cycle of reconciliation

A five-month process that intentionally, authentically unites people of all races, ages, and walks of life.

SESSION 1: Reactions

Exploring our own reactions and how these play into conflict

Session 2: Reflection

Identifying and understanding the core problem(s) to reconcile

Session 3: Repairs

Making amends, apologizing, and understanding our own roles in the problem

session 4: Reaching

Reaching within and beyond our circles to plant the seeds for true reconciliation

session 5: Relationship

Reaching within and beyond our circles to plant the seeds for true reconciliation

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For Individuals: Join as an individual and get paired with 5-10 others who are also individually registered. Total Cost: $500* ($100 per month for 5 months)..
For Groups: Sign up your group (up to 10 individuals) to be in a cohort together. (This is a great way to train an entire leadership team or ministry area.) Total Cost for a group of 5: $2,500* Total Cost for a group of 6 or more (up to 10 people): $3,000*
*Payment options are available – contact hello@vibrantfaith.org


Fred Oduyoye lives in Cincinnati Ohio and is the Founder of Reachable Reconciliation, Inc, an organization and national movement designed to help people integrate into unfamiliar spaces of conversation and relationship. He has been working with and coaching leaders since 2007. He was a National Urban Training Director at Urban Youth Workers Institute for 9 years. Fred has also worked as the National Director of Partnerships/Networking for Youth Specialities for 4 years and is an Advisory Committee Member of the National Network of Youth Ministries. A hobby that Fred enjoys is training and coaching soccer players.

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This is the right time to learn, teach, and equip yourself and others to have conversations that heal, reconcile, and transform.


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