I wish Vibrant Faith Ministries was around 25 years ago when I began as a pastor. Coaching has brought focus, enthusiasm, accountability, collegiality and faithfulness to my ministry. It is not gimmicky or trendy, but draws on basic Christian practices, scripture, prayer, reflection, relationship and service that have been at the heart of Christian life for centuries. Yet, somehow it feels so fresh and new. Coaching has totally re-energized my ministry. I highly recommend it.

Jeff Rohr

Faith Lutheran Church
Rapid City, South Dakota

Vibrant Faith Ministries views coaching as an interactive process that serves as a catalyst for helping individuals, ministry teams, faith communities and congregation strive to practice vibrant faith in a dynamic world. Congregations participating in our coaching process are rewarded with leaders who are more adept at goal setting, make better decisions, and take more effective action.

Individuals and teams being coached learn how to MODEL the way for others, INSPIRE a shared vision, CHALLENGE the status quo, EMPOWER others to act and ENCOURAGE others as they use their gifts in service to others.

Our coaches help you identify your most pressing issues, question your assumptions, align your actions with your mission and vision, set priorities, remove roadblocks and evaluate your progress.

Coaching is for people and leadership teams who want to:

  • Make vibrant faith a priority for themselves and others
  • Become transformational leaders
  • Reach personal goals and ministry outcomes more successfully
  • Identify gifts, develop skills and expand personal capacities
  • Learn and network with others who are passionate about vibrant faith
  • Explore new ways to resource and equip individuals, families and congregations

Why Should You Hire a Coach?

  1. Coaching helps individuals and teams consistently do what matters.
    With busy schedules and the demands of weekly worship services, confirmation classes, leadership meetings, pastoral care visits and more, it is difficult to stay focused on forming faith, developing leaders and creating a culture of spiritual vitality. Without coaching, new ways of thinking and behaving get derailed.
  2. The coach becomes the staff member the congregation cannot afford to hire.
    Having a coach offers congregations an economical way to expand the size and impact of the staff without funding a part-time or full-time employee.
  3. Your ministry will benefit from having someone look at it through a new angle of vision.
    In these demanding and changing times, nearly every congregational staff member needs a coach. When we get too close to our work, we lose objectively and creativity. Coaching not only helps a congregation clarify and concentrate on what matters most, it also develops the leadership capacities of the organization so that plans are executed and dreams become reality.
  4. Coaching helps leaders focus on what God is up to in their congregation and community.
    Coaches remind leaders of the important roles they play as spiritual elders within their homes and faith communities.

For more information on how coaching can make a difference in your ministry, please contact Vibrant Faith Ministries today at 877-693-7196 or