Maximize the power of Spiritual transformation for a world in need

A ministry unified in vision, connected intergenerationally, and working together shines.

But too often obstacles arise, blocking the way to growth.
As a ministry leader, these common challenges are discouraging and can drag you into burnout.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Vibrant Faith is your partner for helping you overcome obstacles along the faith-formation journey and encouraging spiritual transformation in your church and community.
Here’s how —

Faith grows more vibrant when the discipleship journey embraces the whole person

Discover the Whole-Person Ministry Leadership Approach
Spiritual transformation doesn’t happen in isolation in an individual’s heart. Rather, for faith-formation to truly thrive, it must integrate the fullness of a person’s life. For this reason, Vibrant Faith’s holistic approach to ministry infuses everything we do.

The Whole-Ministry Leadership Approach




Becoming more like Jesus transforms the heart and is the essence of a vibrant faith.



Faith is formed through intergenerational “family” relationships – in families, small groups, and church communities



Thriving faith formation is grounded in thoughtful, in-depth, and insightful exploration.



Faith formation is supported by adaptive leaders who hone their gifts and skills to sharpen their calling and the callings of others.

Invest in this holistic approach by exploring the
three opportunities for ministry leadership below —

Faith formation and discipleship are fueled by adaptive leaders who encourage vibrant faith and vital congregations

Three equipping opportunities for ministry leaders


Our experienced coaches help you as a leader identify your strengths and overcome challenges in a whole new way..


Online and in-person courses, retreats, and events that help you incorporate research-based practices into your ministry.


High-quality learning meets hands-on, relational experiences with these faith-formation resources.

High-quality learning fueled by knowledge that sparks innovation

Get to know the research behind Vibrant Faith’s services
Funded by the Lilly Endowment, Vibrant Faith is involved in two grant-funded initiatives. The first, Creating a Culture of Calling, is designed to assist congregations in developing and testing new ministry models to help Christians and churches claim and live their callings.

Vibrant Faith is also one of 70-plus organizations spearheading a three-year focus on Thriving Congregations.

Learn more about Vibrant Faith’s two active research projects, plus how they’re used to equip ministry leaders like you.

Ready to experience more vibrant faith in your church and community?

Here’s where to start

I Need —

One-on-one guidance from a ministry expert to help  me and my team break through challenges

Better understanding of research-based best-practices that I can apply in my ministry leadership

New ideas and resources for how to help others experience deeper faith both individually and in groups


Helping leaders and families live and love and lead like Jesus.
(Deuteronomy 6:4-7)

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