Resources for the 4th-Soil Parenting Project

Hello 4th-Soil Parenting Project Friends!  

Welcome to the RESOURCE PAGE for Vibrant Faith’s 4th-Soil Parenting Project! Here you will find everything we talked about and experienced together at our Denver training event. There are recordings, slide decks, and notes from the main sessions and the breakouts so that you can share them with people who weren’t able to join us.  

You’ll also find all the resources you need to execute your Summer 2023 listening projects. There are updated guides for your Fall 2023 Connecting Ideas as you begin to experiment with new ways to catalyze the faith lives of parents. We’ve added a Presentation Document and a couple of slides designed to help you tell your church about the initiative. You’ll find logos and PowerPoint template slides for your use. Finally, there’s a contact list for all the 20 partner churches in the grant to help you make connections with one another.  

We’ll continue to update and add to this page as we all develop additional tools to share with one another.   

We’re here to walk with you! 
Rick, Nancy, Jim, Cris and Charity—The Vibrant Faith Team.  
Denise, Fred, Jim, Erik and Maria—The Vibrant Faith Coaches. 

4th Soil Connections

Keynote Talks from the 4th-Soil Parenting Kickoff Gathering

Breakout Sessions from the 4th-Soil Parenting Kickoff Gathering

Advent TalkCards

Vibrant Faith Advent TalkCards help ministry leaders accompany their people and congregations thoughtfully through the Advent season and into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Print these 25 predesigned, ready-to-use cards and gift them to members of your church, use in small groups and formation classes. or share to social- the endless uses of this new seasonal product will enhance your advent experience. Cards cover each week of the Advent season: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

Lenten TalkCards

Lenten TalkCards is a collection of 40 beautifully designed cards that help you and your church discover the life of Jesus throughout the season. Perfect to download, use online, in services, and to print as gifts for your families and people, Lenten TalkCards will help you move through the season and into the heart of Jesus..

4S Digital Stream

Hello Fourth-Soil Parenting Friends.

Welcome to the 4S Digital Stream. This first month’s-worth of content is VERY short and simple and designed to introduce your parents to the concept that “Parenting Is a Spiritual Process.”

Here are just a few notes to get you started:

      • The first link has completed posts for you to use with no editing. Just download them and go.
      • The second link downloads the text and images for you to be able to make the posts your own. You can edit the written content as you need.
      • Or you can edit them with Canva. (Creating an account is free)

    NOTE: The numbers are not for the order of the posts, but just to help you put Picture and Text together as you post them. You can use the posts in any order you wish, and you can also add your own text and your church’s logo to them.

That’s it! We want to make sure this is all very simple for you!
We’d love your feedback as you get started on the process of resourcing your parents with spiritual prompts on an almost daily basis.
Email me at ngoing@vibrantfaith.org with your ideas and celebrations as you begin to connect with parents in a new way.

Parenting Is a Spiritual Process

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