Not long from now, we’ll be celebrating the cataclysmic changes brought on by one little boy’s birth in a backwater town, in a borrowed feed trough. All births have transformational weight behind them—but this one birth changed everything, everywhere, for everyone. There is innate power in a birth. So what could that mean for new birth in our relationships—especially in the wake of widespread tension and division. Church congregations are a Petri dish for relational pain—we need restoration and healing that is “reachable.”

In this Reachable Reconciliation conversation, Fred offers a simple and upending way to move toward significant change in our relationships, partnering with Jesus to birth something that transforms everything. Watch here for a little birth-coaching…

Fred lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he launched Reachable Reconciliation—an organization and national movement designed to help people integrate into unfamiliar spaces of conversation and relationship. He has been working with and coaching leaders since 2007. Fred enjoys is training and coaching soccer players and has four daughters.


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