Hope and Expect

By Denise UtterVibrant Faith Coaching Team As August tails off into September, I often reflect back to my teacher days.

Faith-filled parenting

Faith-Filled Parenting

The goal of faith-filled parenting is to raise children who will live and love like Jesus—to experience God in daily

Making the Save

In soccer (and in hockey), the goalie is often the difference-maker. And metaphorically, the goalie plays a role on the

The Old Mission is the New Mission

By Rick LawrenceVibrant Faith Executive Director The other day, in the locker room of my health club, the TV was tuned

Managing Your Anxiety as a Leader

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching & Coaching School “All people should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from,

Six Ways to Curate Curiosity

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching Services & Coaching School We underestimate the power of curiosity—it’s the bedrock of learning, imagination, and innovation.