The Faith Life of Parents — CLONE

How are you currently engaging the faith life of parents at your church? That’s the next big question, isn’t it?   As Vibrant Faith Executive Director Rick Lawrence and I have been interviewing churches for our Lilly Endowment-sponsored 4th Soil Parenting Project (see my last blog for the details), that’s been a core question. It’s a question …

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What We’re Learning: Reflections on Thriving

As we continue our work with the 28 Churches in our Thriving Congregations Project, we’re leading cohort meetings with them to reflect on their first set of “ministry experiments.” We’re exploring how these experiments furthered their growth in 10 broad areas of congregational life.  Note how different the measures listed below contrast with the “success …

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How ‘Calling’ Fuels Church Vitality

In early May the Vibrant Faith team held a final meeting with representatives from the 24 churches who were a part of our Creating a Culture of Calling Grant. We’ve been working together since the Spring of 2017 working to build church vitality and unity through the culture of calling. We wanted one final “listening …

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