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Build community. Form faith.

Foundations in Digitally Engaged Minsitry is exactly that, the foundations that we need to lay in order to build the community, curate the content, and continue the relationships that form faith. Engaging digitally is not a question of “if” anymore, but how deeply and how meaningfully. in Foundations, we’ll take one year to co-create the kind of digital engagement that will do what every church longs for – ministry that lives on beyond your walls.


4 Movements for Creating Vibrant Faith in a Connected World: We’ll work to develop understanding around 4 transformational movements in thinking about digital engagement:

  • Digital is a matter of faith formation, not just a matter of information. Digital is ministry, not just marketing.
  • Digital is space to be entered, not a tool to be used
  • Digital is everyone’s job, not just a job for an intern OR a tech pro, and you have what it takes.
  • Digital is integrated, not a stand-alone ministry

Digitally Engaged Ministry Framework – This is the primary guiding document that we’ll develop together during the vibrantfaith/digital process and will be your key document moving forward. It is a regularly-used, often-updated, ever-relevant framework for thinking and executing ministry in a digital world. It contains 8 sections: Purpose, People, Possibilities, Presence, Platforms, Plan, Playbook, and Post-Op. [Sample coming soon]

Digital Strategy Team – One of our first steps will be to work together to create a team, consisting of multiple perspectives, skills sets, and generations, to guide the process during the coaching contract and continue it afterward.

Digital Presence Assessment – Also in Phase 1, we’ll co-create an assessment of your church’s current digital presence. We’ll follow a basic assessment framework we’ve created to highlight assets and call out opportunities. We’ll use this assessment to inform our next steps.

Valuable Tangible Assets – Each focus area comes with one key asset we’ll create together. These options include: a new website (a $5000 value), a social media strategic plan, a digital & print template package, a new logo and full style guide, or a communications plan.

Onsite Visit – built in to the cost of the experience is an onsite visit. This visit will definately include significant time with your digital strategy team, and could include things like preaching, workshops, learning labs, and more. The cost of travel and lodging is extra.


In every Foundations coaching contract, we focus on faith formation. We will, together, work to develop a clear vision for lifelong faith formation that spans across physical space and digital space – miroring the way people live their lives. We’ll use that focus to create the key outcomes and assets listed above – a Digitally Engaged Ministry Plan, a Digital Strategy Team, and a Digital Presence Assessment.

Also, you’ll choose one of the five Focus Areas below, and the tangible outcome the comes along with it, to ground the experience. In our first conversation, we’ll work together to decide which outcomes is most important for your community.

Focus Areas: Choose one to start in the first year, then extend to focus on others

New Church Website

Your website is often your first impression these days. In the 21st century, even in small towns and churches, people nearly always visit you in digital space before they visit you in physical space. We’re flipping current church website design process on its head, and designing it with you, rather than for you. This means you’ll get the expertise of a designer, but a site that reflects your identity, your community, and your mission much better. Plus, you’ll know every bit of how to use it and manage it going foward. Together every step of the way, we’ll co-design your site either in WordPress or Squarespace, and we’ll work together to decide which is best.

KEY ASSETS CREATED: New Website, How-to Videos, Reusable Page Templates

Social Media Strategic Plan

We’ll analyze and assess your current social media presence, paying special attention to your online community and audience. Then, we’ll spend some time learning current social media platforms and trends and why they each matter. We’ll identity the best platforms for your community and begin planning content, timing, and people involved. We’ll work to integrate social media into your ministry and analyze how its going, launching you into a well-connected, increasingly-engaged social future as a faith community.

KEY ASSETS CREATED: Social Media Strategic Plan, Complete Social Media Profiles

Design School

In this extension, we’ll lead a small group of contributors through a training and trying experience in digital and print design. We’ll talk through concepts and experiment with different kinds of design tools, focused on what you can use going forward. Your team will end up with a package of templates, design ideas, and key assets going foward.

KEY ASSETS CREATED: Reusable assets and templates package of the most used digital graphics and print publications (social media graphics, website graphics, bulletin, announcements, flyers, etc.)

Brand Identity Refresh

Your story matters, and your brand identity tells that story. We’ll co-create a completely refreshed visual brand identity for your faith community based on your mission, vision, and values including:

  • A new logo: multiple versions for digital and print media
  • Color pallette: to be used across digital and print platforms
  • Typography (fonts): web and print
  • Language: words, phrases, and concepts you use to describe yourself and tell your story
  • Guidelines on how to use and not use your assets and identity

KEY ASSETS CREATED: Complete Style Guide “Brandbook”, New Logo


Email is still a primary form of communication for most of your people. We’ll cover email strategy and create 3 templates in whatever email system you are using: an announcement, a letter, and a full newsletter. We’ll also cover important concepts around integrating and being cohesive in communications and marketing efforts which rolls in multiple platforms like your website, social media, and physical space as well.

KEY ASSETS CREATED: Email Template Package (3 – announcement, letter, and newsletter), Church Communications Plan


LENGTH: 1 Year

GATHERINGSMonthly, with projects and assignments in between sessions, and email/text access to your coach for small questions throughout the process. Plus, one onsite visit, which can include things like one-on-one coaching, preaching, learning labs, individual coaching sessions, and community forums. (The travel and lodging cost are additional.)

PROCESSOver the course of the year, we’ll go through a 4 phase process: Discover, Discern, Design, and Do. We’ll discuss this process and why it matters during our first session. The first three steps include: an initial phone conversation with your coach, creating a digital strategy team, and starting your digital presence checkup (details above).

COST: $4000 (PS, that’s $1000 less than a standalone custom website design costs, without the coaching.)

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