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8 characterstics of adaptive, innovative leaders

Leading well now and into the future requires an “innovator’s mindset" that leads to the creation of new and better ideas. Listed below are eight characteristics that support a mindset of ongoing reflection, renewal and innovation. Empathetic – To create new and...

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8 Questions to Ask if you Want to Lead Well

Adaptive leaders who are seeking to live well have a knack for asking the right questions at the right time to reframe how our ministries unfold. The questions below are ones you may find helpful and you seek to live and lead well. Who are we seeking to reach and how...

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Lead Well by Living into Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership necessitates changes in how we approach situations as well as how we think and act. Adaptive leaders THINK differently. They have a scenario mindset. Leaders who create plans that are set in concrete will not be able to change quickly enough to...

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