Vibrant Faith is working with with 1160 Ministry Leaders from 1050 Congregations from 18 denominations of Christian Churches

Its the change of an era, and an era of change. Navigating the shift in paradigms is going to take adaptive leadership and an experienced guide.

Get a FOUNDATION in a year. OR choose from multiple electives. OR do BOTH. Your learning lasts a lifetime. Your impact lasts through the generations.

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GrowUp Already! (Part 2)

Personal Discernment: “Not Adulting Today” or Seeking God? When “adulting” leaves us feeling under -or over- whelmed, there is a strong temptation to crawl under the blankets, pull up a new series on Hulu, or go shopping with money that we...

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Grow Up Already! (Part 1)

On my desk sits a yellow stress ball. A simple smiley face consumes its front while the back reads: “Not Adulting Today!”  It was a gift from a young adult colleague and I treasure it. What is Adulting? “Adulting” is a term from pop culture...

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Becoming a Vibrant Faith Church

Our work will be done when EVERY Christian church is a vibrant faith church.  Are you with us? You know, the kind of communities of Jesus-followers where people's very lives and decisions are flowing from their faith in Jesus Christ. And when...

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Developing curious communities

  Regaining our sense of curiosity is essential for individual and organizational success. As children, we are naturally curious. We tend to lose this inquisitive trait, however, by the time we enter school. At Vibrant Faith, we’ve noticed that the same thing happens...

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