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Of Stables and Screens, Pageants and Presence

She was sitting right behind us in church on Sunday, so proud and excited because along with her name, her name tag said ANGEL in big letters.  She announced to her parents that she was pretty sure her friend Ethan was going to get to be a shepherd—or maybe a wise...

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Christmas + Community: Ideas on Holiday Social Media

I lost all faith in humanity last week, and it had nothing to do with politics. I'm sure that most of you have noticed that video content dominates these days on social media, especially Facebook. If you haven't noticed this, well, trust me, or just take a glance...

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Family Ministry is a Process not a Product

Vibrant Faith is really all about family ministry. At Vibrant Faith, we know that family matters and that it is the MOST important factor in the faith life of young people, either positively or negatively. We also know that the societal changes in family life have...

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