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10 Things I Wish My Parents Would Have Shared With Me

College was a time when I savored the independence that came from leaving my parent’s home.  It was also a time when I realized how woefully unprepared I was for making wise decisions and establishing new patterns of behavior that would support my future endeavors. I...

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Who’s your neighbor? No really…

One of my favorite games to play with young people is called "Who's Your Neighbor?" In fact, I often got the eye roll when playing it with middle school or high school kids because I played it so much. But I played it anyways because the eye roll was quickly stopped...

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25 Simple Tips to Help a Marriage

Originally posted on the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog. Marriage, family, faith formation at home… there is simply a mountain of evidence that tells us why we should be putting more effort into this arena of ministry. A key reason why families are so...

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