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Dear Leaders,
We can help you lead better!

Learn, expand, and deepen your leadership with Vibrant Faith. 

Vibrant Faith works with all who feel called to leadership – from brand new leaders to leaders with decades of experience – we are happy to meet you where you are and guide you toward thriving, faith-filled, and effective leadership. We offer skills you can learn and leadership habits you will develop. Our goal is to help you lead in ways in which vibrant faith can be shared, leaders can be equipped, and burnout can be reduced.

Our mission at Vibrant Faith is to transform the way churches offer faith formation–together. Real transformation in churches happens because leaders also experience transformative and vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.


We believe

There is value in continued learning for all people, especially leaders. Leaders need to be willing to hear and try new ideas, to explore new ways of thinking, and be open to growth and change. We believe being willing to listen and learn is a vital first step to becoming an effective leader. Thriving faith formation stems from becoming a lifelong learner.

How you can LEARN with us

We invite leaders who are seeking to LEARN to…

Sign up to join Catalyst, our free online community.
Here you can find new ideas and learn from others in ministry through discussion, webinars, and a huge selection of free resources for ministry. 

Register for a MasterClass on Catalyst.
Learn by taking online courses with a variety of topics about faith formation and ministry. Each course costs only $50 and can be used by individuals or teams to grow together.


We believe

All leaders enter into their callings with a multitude of gifts and skills. We want to help leaders discern and hone those skills. We also want to help leaders discover new skills as well. In a world that is deeply challenging, we want faith leaders to have a strong depth of knowledge, resources, training, and opportunities to live and lead well.

How you can DEEPEN your leadership

We invite leaders who are seeking to DEEPEN their leadership to…

Sign up for a free 30 min Coaching Consultation
We will connect with you online or by phone to explore your leadership needs to see if our Coaching for Leaders or a Coaching Cohort is right for you.

Register for a Leading Well Event
Expand your knowledge, self-care, and support system through attending one of our four day retreats, held annually in Florida (January) and Arizona (November).


We believe

Some leaders desire to use their abilities to impact the future of leadership. These leaders recognize that exponential growth extends beyond themselves and use their own leadership skills and resources to teach, develop, and train new leaders. Those who choose to lead others in leadership require a different set of tools for this type of ministry.

How you can EXPAND your leadership

We invite leaders who are seeking to EXPAND thier impact to…

Become a Coach at our Vibrant Faith Coaching School
Participants of our Coaching School learn skills and techniques though courses and are additionally offered 3 months of mentorship to earn an Associate Certified or Professional Certified coaching credential and become a certified coach.

Support Vibrant Faith through a Donation
Through donations, we have the opportunity to help additional churches and ministry leaders who otherwise cannot afford coaching or trainings. Please email if you, or your faith community, would like to sponsor a scholarship for another congregation to attend trainoing or recieve coaching.

Share your story
Send us stories of how Vibrant Faith has shaped your leadership to inspire other leaders and help them see what is possible for their own leadership.

Leaders who have been shaped by Vibrant Faith

“The blend of learning, sabbath, and collegial support inspires and keeps me going throughout the year.”

Denise, Ministry Leader

Attended Leading Well

“Everyone needs to be trained and educated in the philosophy of intergenerational ministry and everyone would benefit from the experience of having a coaching cohort.”

Justin, Youth and Families Minister

Member of a Vibrant Faith Coaching Cohort

“Leading Well is restorative learning. I feel supported and encouraged by colleagues across the country. There is a wealth of ideas that gives me the voice I need to continue to be a healthy leader.”

Andrea, Ministry Leader

Attended Leading Well

“Leading Well guided me in facing my doubts with confidence and enhanced my God-given ability to be a leader in Christ’s church.”

Doug, Ministry Leader

Attended Leading Well

 If you have questions or would like to connect us about these programs and services, email us at
We look forward to talking to you about how we can help cultivate Vibrant Faith together.

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