Tag: church leadership

A Way to Live

Four years ago a publisher approached me about a percolating idea for a book project. They suggested pairing me with a psychologist to write a

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Redemptive Story-Engaging

In our ongoing partnership with churches in our 4th-Soil Parenting Project—a three-year experiment with parents to plant new ways to “infect” their children with an

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Tipping Points

Jesus had 12 disciples who said they’d die for him, but when the moment came, they scattered and hid. Then, alone and abandoned, Jesus did

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Thriving In the Gray Zone

Soon, our Vibrant Faith team will be gathering in North Carolina for our twice-yearly staff retreat. This year we’re doing something different—we’re reading Mark Sayers’

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Into the Dark

This morning I woke up to yet another school shooting in my hometown of Denver. A 17-year-old student at Denver East High School opened fire

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