How to draw parents into your community by moving from a program-focus to a people-focus.

The steep declines in church membership and attendance are ultimately driven by parents of school-age children. The church community, which once served as a relational hub for young families, has been usurped by a myriad of conflicting options, including sports teams and a movement toward slowed-down family time at home on weekends. Parents’ needs and longings have shifted, and the church has been struggling to understand those shifts and respond…

What can your church give parents that they REALLY need? Discover the keys to strengthening parent-church relationships and nurturing resilient, faith-filled homes in our exclusive free webinar: “What Parents Really Need from Your Church.”

HomeWord President Jim Burns, one of the pioneers of contemporary youth ministry, founded the organization specifically to serve Christian parents, helping them thrive in their role as primary influencers in their kids’ faith development. In this 60-minute webinar we’ll explore…
  • The changing nature of the relationship between parents and the church
  • The hurdles parents are facing in their parenting, and how the church can help
  • The challenges and unmet needs parents experience at church
  • Suggested priorities for churches that want to engage, and re-engage, parents in their congregation and community

Why This Webinar Matters:

At the core of a thriving congregation lies a strong network of families united by faith and shared values. As a church leader, you’re called to “shepherd” the lives of parents and children alike. Our webinar will equip you with insights to:

1. Build Deeper Relationships: Forge authentic connections with parents, creating an environment where they feel valued and understood.
2. Provide Practical Guidance: Gain a better understanding of parents’ challenges and aspirations, enabling your church to offer Jesus-centered solutions that align with their needs.
3. Foster Resilience: Learn how to fortify families with the spiritual and emotional tools they need to navigate life’s ups and downs, grounding them in a steadfast faith.
4. Cultivate Faith at Home: Discover strategies to empower parents to become spiritual leaders within their households, fostering an environment of growth and discipleship.
5. Maximize Impact: Uncover innovative approaches to integrate a parent-focus into your church’s existing programs, magnifying your influence within the community.

What to Expect:

Date: September 27, 2023 | Time: 12 PM EST | Duration: 60 minutes
Join renowned family expert Jim Burns, the driving force behind a two-decade ministry to countless thriving families. Jim has dedicated his life to equipping parents and ministry leaders in communities like yours, helping them unleash the full potential of their family-centric mission. community where families and faith thrive hand-in-hand.

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