Why I’m Investing Myself In Coaching School

One night in late December, the plans I’d cooked up for 2023 evaporated before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve. With the decks cleared of clutter, one exciting option remained—Vibrant Faith’s 12-week Ministry Leadership Coaching School. The school is led by Vibrant Faith’s Director of Coaching Services, Jim LaDoux, and Dr. Felix Villanueva, a Master …

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Dealing with Difficult People

If you’ve ever been on a whitewater rafting adventure, you’ll remember that rafting guides know how to address unhelpful behavior right away—if they don’t, difficult people can ruin the experience for everyone, or even put their safety at risk. Likewise, when ministry leaders fail to address counterproductive behavior on their ministry teams, they jeopardize the …

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4 Faith Practices for Spiritual Wellbeing

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers dietary guidelines for living a healthy life—we call the structure of these guidelines the “Food Groups.” Well, what about “Spiritual Food Groups”? These four faith practices—caring conversation, devotions, service, and rituals/traditions—represent the basic ways we stay whole and healthy as followers of Jesus. They are ways to practice the …

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10 Disciplines of an Agile Church

In Dr. Dwight J. Zscheile’s seminal book The Agile Church, the professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary lays out an alternate vision for churches that have struggled to respond to a rapidly changing culture and widespread decline. Learning churches, says Zscheile, are about fostering spaces in which people can learn, practice, and play. …

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5 Barriers to a Welcoming Church Environment

Maybe you’ve already put all the right systems in place for your hospitality ministry—training greeters, a well-staffed Welcome Center, and a follow-up system for communications. You’re playing all the right notes, but there’s something missing in the melody. Maybe that missing melody is relational warmth. Without it, guests and “regulars” at your church experience a subtle …

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What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaching frames conversations through powerful questions that help clients achieve their desired outcomes. When you refer to the International Coach Federation’s definition of coaching or one of your own, notice …

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The Power of Partnering

By Rev. Dr. Mark SlaughterVibrant Faith Coaching Team Fall is on our doorstep, and that means we’re already working to reinvent what we do to spur new energy, spiritual vitality, attendance, and contributions. But what if you could produce that same energy without re-tooling the ministry programs you’re already doing? We’ve just launched an experiment …

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