Inviting God Back Into Our Reactions

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence

We are most like atheists when we are caught up in our reaction to something that angers or challenges or upsets us… Our reactions often exclude God—and important understandings of others—from our conversations. This is the primary reason we’ve become so divided in our culture. We have compartmentalized our reactions away from our relationship with God, effectively closing the door to important perspectives that would move our challenging relationships from oppositional to redemptive…  

Join Reachable Reconciliation Founder Fred Oduyoye and Vibrant Faith Executive Director Rick Lawrence for a conversation about our reactions to others—what we can do to help people slow down and take in new information, so reconciliation is possible…

Learn the skills of reconciling relationships when you journey with Fred as your coach in a Reachable Reconciliation Cohort! Fred Oduyoye will use his expertise to help you engage in the hard work of relational reconciliation.

The Cohort includes:

– 5 live online training sessions (90 minutes) each month with your facilitator Fred Oduyoye
– Additional materials, assignments, and resources sent to your cohort between sessions
– A private online community to share in discussion, ideas, and connection

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