By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence

Got a difficult person in your life? It’s hard to imagine you don’t—either at home or at work or at church… Unreconciled relationships with people who bring “thorn in the side” impact into our life can exhaust our energy and derail our good work. We know we’re called to “love our neighbors as ourselves,” but most-often we translate “love” into some form of “be nice.” But Jesus models a broadband love that looks radically different, according to the person standing in front of Him.

In this Reachable Reconciliation conversation, Fred and I explore the nature of love, and what it looks like to offer it to the challenging people in our life…

Practice Connecting Across the Divides



Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets 

Lead adults & youth into tough conversations about race & equity, politics, marginalized people groups, cultural tensions, & more. All through a biblical lens. From Fred Oduyoye, TalkSheets invites Christlike growth. 
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