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Empowering Parents

For years I’ve strategized new ways to support, equip, and continue empowering parents of young people. I’ve created and led parenting seminars on entitlement and digital addiction, helped develop an online course called Parents as Allies, and co-authored a bestselling book on innovative ways to partner with parents (The Family-Friendly Church). I’ve been a passionate advocate …

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Faithful Imagination For Such a Time as This

I love that phrase from the story of Esther, don’t you? God’s weaving of her story and her strength, “for such a time as this” for the people of Israel in the midst of crisis.    As I’ve been reviewing Dr. Patrick Manning’s practical and profound way new book Converting the Imagination:Teaching to Recover Jesus’ Vision …

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What We’re Learning: The Power of Presence

By Dr. Nancy GoingDirector of Research & Resource Development In the emerging research spotlighting the impact of pandemic-induced social isolation, the outcomes are sobering. Writing in a Frontiers In Psychology report, authors Giada Pietrabissa and Susan G. Simpson report: “The most common psychological disorders emerging are anxiety and panic, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, insomnia, digestive problems, as well as …

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How Young People Experience God

By Dr. Nancy Going,the Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen, andRick Lawrence  A conversation between two researchers, Dr. Nancy Going and the Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen, on the surprising foundations of “meaning-making” and how young people experience God among children and adolescents. This is the kickoff for a month-long series of posts on the important takeaways from this research, …

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