The Power of a Selfie

We have become a selfie culture—at least once today you’ll either take a selfie or see someone else doing the same. Some people have turned it into an art form. While in Southern California last week to get my (Rick) daughter situated in a new off-campus apartment before she starts her junior year in college in a couple of weeks, we took a short hike to a popular ocean overlook. There, I saw two young women stand in the same place for 15 minutes, taking what must have been hundreds of selfies. There’s something uncomfortable about our obsession with selfies, but there’s also something powerfully connecting about them…

In this Reachable Reconciliation conversation, Fred explores the upending and powerful dynamic behind the simple act of taking a selfie. Learn how selfies, and other simple acts, can serve as everyday bridges into reconciling relationships…


Who’s In Your Canoe?

In this week’s online Vibrant Faith webinar “What Parents Really Need From Your Church,” featuring Dr. Jim Burns (president of HomeWord), one of the participating

How to Change Your Congregation

In our Vibrant Faith coaching relationships with congregations, we often tell ministry leaders: “If you want to change your congregation, change what you talk about.”

Wrong Assumptions about Parents

Ministry leaders generally agree that parents matter most for the formation of faith in their children, but nevertheless have multiple long-standing objections to this notion.