Reachable Reconciliation: Baby Steps

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence

We are not typically “big step” people—real change and growth happens incrementally, through baby steps. And it’s no different in our growth as people who reflect the heart of Jesus by intentionally reaching across our diversities. Yes, a lot has happened in the last year to rivet our attention on injustice and inequity and division—but will this be a “flash in the pan” moment or a turning point for us? Reachable Reconciliation Founder Fred Oduyoye often has people ask him how to get started on a journey toward turning-point change. Many are looking for a formula, but Fred offers something different—watch here…

Learn the skills of reconciling relationships when you journey with Fred as your coach in a Reachable Reconciliation Cohort

Fred Oduyoye will use his expertise to help you engage in the hard work of reconciliation.

The Cohort includes:

– 5 live online training sessions (90 minute) each month with your facilitator Fred Oduyoye
– Additional materials, assignments, and resources sent to your cohort between sessions
– A private online community to share in discussion, ideas, and connection

Get the full details and fill out the interest form here!

Or contact Fred directly at: foduyoye@vibrantfaith.org

Rick Lawrence is Executive Director of Vibrant Faith—he created the new curriculum Following JesusHe’s editor of the Jesus-Centered Bible and author of 40 books, including The Suicide Solution,The Jesus-Centered Life and Jesus-Centered Daily. He hosts the podcast Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus.


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