What We’re Learning: Why Parents Matter More Than Ever

By  Dr. Nancy GoingDirector of Research & Resource Development Research has told us for more 25 years that the faith lives of parents matter (and actually matter most) for the formation of faith in their children. That message and the impact of ongoing research for discipling and education ministries in the church was first identified by …

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Discovering God through Active Wondering

In the process of diving into research for my book Holy Work With Children, I developed a new method for working and doing research with children. Active Wondering became the most beneficial process for my work as a researcher. Engaging in these open conversations created a safe space for us to wonder together, revealing the children’s …

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Transformation In a Canoe

By Rick LawrenceVibrant Faith Executive Director Not long ago I was meeting with a few veteran ministry leaders to discuss ministry strategy—we were fishing around for common threads in each other’s own stories of transformation. I asked them to talk about the spots along their life’s timeline when real transformation happened. One said his life changed …

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