Reachable Reconciliation

Reachable Reconciliation: A 30-Day Jumpstart

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence A popular Christian blogger just posted a curated list of 10 out-of-the-ordinary New Year’s resolutions—one of them

The Downside of MLK Day?

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick LawrenceIn the week of MLK Day, and on the precipice of Black History Month, Reachable Reconciliation Founder Fred

Reachable Reconciliation: Baby Steps

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence We are not typically “big step” people—real change and growth happens incrementally, through baby steps. And it’s

Honoring Others’ Reactions

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence In counseling and in ministry and in life, we’ve been urged to see the damaging impact of