Leading Well

Thriving Congregations

April 23rd


April 23, 2024 9-12 PM CST on Zoom Thriving Congregations is leadership training that helps church leaders cast a vision for a preferred future that's aligned with God's mission, Participants will be introduced to tools, tips, and new approaches for:

  • Reviewing what is present.
  • Rethinking what is possible.
  • Reinventing a new reality.
  • Aligning structures with mission.
  • Aligning people with plans.
  • Communicating what matters.
  • Staying focused on the big picture while taking faithful next steps.

Thriving Congregations is a leadership training that helps leaders build vibrant churches. When leaders can build concrete vision and lead from a full tank spiritually and emotionally, everyone thrives. Leading Well is a community of Christ-centered and curious ministry leaders. We offer leadership training, coaching, and coaching training to help the church thrive in a new ministry landscape. Though our programs you’ll benefit from Sabbath rest, collegial support, and practical training that helps you thrive personally and professionally as a clergy member. You can learn more about the Leading Well community, including the Leading Well Retreat here.

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