Leading Well

Communicate Well

October 22nd

communicate well


October 22nd 9AM-12PM CST on Zoom

This training equips church leaders to create clear, concise communications that connect with their desired audiences. It addresses creating brand standards to ensure consistent messaging across communication platforms. In addition, participants will learn how to:.
  • Assess current platforms.
  • Repurpose content.
  • Create content calendars.
  • Create & store content.
  • Outsource help.
  • Form communications teams.

If you want to create culture change in your church, you need to develop the fine art of communicating well. Change what you talk about and how you communicate that, and you can chart new ways forward in your ministry with simple and practical adjustments. Leading Well is a community of Christ-centered and curious ministry leaders. We offer leadership training, coaching, and coaching training to help the church thrive in a new ministry landscape. Through our programs you’ll benefit from Sabbath rest, collegial support, and practical training that helps you thrive personally and professionally as a clergy member. You can learn more about the Leading Well community, including the Leading Well Retreat here.

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