Are you a ministry leader who is concerned about the mental, emotional, or spiritual health of your congregants? Do you often hear from anxious parents and grandparents in your church, and wonder how you might offer more meaningful spiritual support to the individuals and families impacted by the rapid pace of change and the overwhelming complexities of life and faith in this digital age? If so, this is the right course for you! Together, we will survey the riches of the Christian liturgical tradition, exploring how these time-tested practices can promote spiritual grit and emotional stability today, especially for congregants who describe the current cultural climate as chaotic, disorienting, or dreadful. This highly interactive course will introduce you to a wide range of theologically faithful, trauma-informed, and ecumenically-sourced liturgical resources, equipping you with the ancient spiritual rhythms and contemporary faith practices you will need to build resilience in the hearts and minds of your congregants. You will also learn how to adapt existing liturgies for your local context, cooperating with the Spirit as you invite your people to cultivate clarity, challenge complacency, call forth courage, and convey the compassion and comfort of Christ.

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