Reachable Reconciliation: Bridging the Bubbles

By Fred Oduyoye and Rick Lawrence

Last year the National Basketball Association playoffs were held in the “Orlando Bubble” (or “Disney Bubble”), an isolation zone at Walt Disney World that was created by the NBA to protect players from the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-two of the thirty NBA teams were invited to participate—games were held with no fans and the teams staying at Disney World hotels. The bubble was a $190 million investment by the NBA to ensure the playoffs could be held, but the impact of this isolating environment was profound on the players (and their families) who lived cut off from the rest of the world for weeks. They learned a visceral lesson about the suffocating impact of bubble-living.

In everyday life, we make countless choices to stay within our own social/political/spiritual bubbles, and the impact is so subtle we don’t realize how the experience is suffocating our ability to relate to others in a healthy way. In this conversation, Fred offers a “template” story for breaking down the barriers between our bubbles—to help people in your congregation see themselves as bridge-builders, not bubble-builders…

Learn the skills of reconciling relationships when you journey with Fred as your coach in a Reachable Reconciliation Cohort! Fred Oduyoye will use his expertise to help you engage in the hard work of relational reconciliation.

The Cohort Includes:

– 5 live online training sessions (90 minutes) each month with your facilitator Fred Oduyoye
– Additional materials, assignments, and resources sent to your cohort between sessions
– A private online community to share in discussion, ideas, and connection

Get the full details and fill out the interest form here!

Or contact Fred directly at: foduyoye@vibrantfaith.org


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