What I’m Learning In Vibrant Faith’s Coaching School

I’m four weeks into Vibrant Faith’s Ministry Leadership Coaching School, led by Jim Ladoux and Dr. Felix Villanueva. Mondays and Wednesdays are a full in the best way these days, and I’ve enjoyed sitting down on the weekend or my free weeknight to review the week’s notes and complete the coaching-school assignments. The assignments take about two hours, and they reinforce the material from each week’s classes. I’m enjoying the reinforcement and reflection prompted during these assignments. Here’s three of the most impactful takeaways, learnings, and benefits I’ve gained so far from my time in Coaching School…

1. I have met some truly amazing people. Coaching school has introduced me to a new group of ministry leader all doing incredible things. There’s a lot of talent and passion in the Zoom room, and I’m really glad I get to be a part of it. I’m reminded of how much impact we can take away when we simply meet and interact with other leaders. In our focus on productivity, sometimes we forget how “productive” our community connections are. I have deeply identified with other’s reasons for coming to coaching school, and I’ve gotten to know a few people who I hope to continue to get to know after coaching school ends.

2. The practice of coaching has an immediate impact. I love being able to put new skills to practice in my personal relationships. The second half of each class we practice coaching in trios—each of us coaching, being coached, or observing. As I continue to grow my skills, my ability to relate to and intentionally engage people in my everyday life is growing and I’ve loved being able to relate to people on a deeper level. Coaching school is showing me that good questions, asked at the right moment with empathy and compassion, build strong relationships.

3. Finally, I feel more confident in my work. While I’m still sorting out whether or not I can be a “professional coach,” I’m gaining confidence in new relational skills and loving it! I’ve always enjoyed being part of a group effort. As I build my coaching skills, they help me be more efficient and effective in these groups. I’m asking better questions to bring clarity to how I work, what I prioritize, and how I relate emotionally to my work, whether it’s my professional work at Vibrant Faith or my volunteer work on the global missions team I lead at my church.

Maybe the best thing about learning new coaching skills is how transferable they are in every area of my life—even parenting! If your curiosity is piqued, there are slots open for Vibrant Faith’s next Coaching School in the Fall. Check it out, HERE.


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