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Multiple leaders. Varied points of view. One mission.

Move beyond stuck

Key Outcomes

  • Identify your strengths and bright spots. Find ways to build on your strengths and use them to transform people’s lives and your community
  • Gain clarity –  about who you are, what you do best and where God is leading you.
  • Create a plan. Develop a road map for moving forward that builds on your strengths and focuses your assets, actions and energies on the things that matter most in life and faith.
  • Develop adaptive skills and strategies. Learn new strategies and approaches to address adaptive challenges facing your congregation.

What to expect

  • We will help you build a team . This team will guide the transformation process, solicit wisdom from church members and your community, celebrate progress and let people know what’s next.
  •  Using the “4D” innovation process, we will help your church DISCOVER its strengths, passions and unique contributions to its community. Together, we’ll DISCERN ways to live more fully into who you are and where God is leading you. We’ll walk alongside you as you DESIGN a road map for moving forward, creating a plan describing who will do what, and when it will happen.  Then, we’ll resource your leaders as they DO what matters every day to move forward on what really matters.
  • This process works best when congregations are active partners in the process.  Members and ministry partners are invited to share their wisdom  online and through focus groups, informal gatherings and forums.
  • Keeping the big picture in mind, we focus on the critical tasks to be accomplished in the next 30-90 days.
  • The team monitors progress on a monthly basis. They help the congregation celebrate its short-term wins. They learn from their results. Then they chart next steps for the journey, often inviting new people to share their wisdom and gifts related to specific projects.


What is the process like?

It’s a Spirit-driven process that that involves gathering information, interpreting what the information means and then curating this data into a simple yet compelling  plan that guides the congregation. It’s an energizing experience that involves a broad spectrum of your congregation to ensure that everyone’s ideas and insights are reflected in the plan for moving forward.

Most churches discover that they have more strengths than they realize. We celebrate what’s present, focus on what we can do now and what needs to be done in the future.  We spend time imagining what’s possible as we also tend to what can be done right now. Most churches create road maps address current and future missional priorities.

The process involves continuous learning and application.  We pay attention to results. We test out new ideas and approaches.  We learn from our successes and failures. And then we try again!

Although the steps towards ongoing transformation are very similar for each congregation, how they unfold for each church is truly unique based on its past, its passions, its possibilities and its most pressing issues.

Learning from our recent actions and results, we continue taking next steps toward God’s preferred future for our congregation.


Additional Details

  • Vision Team members usually serve for a period of two years to ensure to provide continuity and consistent progress toward desired outcomesa.
  • An onsite visit takes place at least once a year to celebrate progress,  equip and empower members for the next stage in ministry, and to chart new pathways for moving forward.
  • Ongoing dialogue between the coach and church leaders via emails, texts, phone calls and Zoom.
  • Leaders of the congregation will receive quarterly updates highlighting progress being made, bright spots in ministry, observations about the process and next steps to be taken.
  • Most congregational coaching relationships last 1-3 years depending on the scope of the desired outcomes. Costs range from $4000-7000 per year depending on the number of onsite visits the congregation chooses.


Is your church ready for coaching?

Send any questions, along with some brief information about your church, to Jim Ladoux at A coach will contact you within 48 hours to set up an initial phone conversation to talk through the process, goals, and next steps.

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