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As ministry leaders it’s who we are—not what we accomplish, but our core presence—that is our chief tool for influencing others with greater impact. It’s not our ideas, strategies, training, connections, abilities, or resources. It’s the influence of our our less-anxious presence. Author, rabbi, and consultant Edwin Friedman, in his masterwork on leadership A Failure of Nerve, calls this dynamic “bringing our non-anxious presence” into every situation. Whatever is at the orbital center of our soul will change and influence the dynamic of every relational system we enter. Our words are not game-changers for people, but our catalytic presence is. Therefore, whatever is driving our catalytic presence is paramount. In this MasterClass we’ll explore 10 profound insights from Friedman’s book, tailored to the everyday issues and challenges ministry leaders face—including what it takes to motivate change in people and your congregation, how to maintain your “fixed presence” in the midst of challenges, how to speed up your decision-making processes, and how to respond to people who undermine your

Jim LaDoux

Jim LaDoux lives in Burnsville, MN and is on the Vibrant Faith leadership team since 2003. He currently oversees our coaching program. Jim has been a coach since 1992. He has a Master of Management Arts specializing in organizational development and is a certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) in Training. Jim has been part of church staff for Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. In his spare time, Jim likes to travel, go hiking, and biking. Jim is author of Surface To Soul: Coaching Spiritual Vitality in Congregations, and he created the Vibrant Faith Coaching School Manual.

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