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Age segregation in society has been widely researched and shown to have a significant impact on our general communal wellbeing. Applying this research to churches has been challenging, due to the scope and scale of the sociological work. A recent case study of ten multi-denominational churches applied the research through the lens of four constructs of age segregation. The results offer us an opportunity to identify parallel structures that hinder or heighten age integration. The impact that connecting generations in relationships has on spiritual formation and generational discipleship has practical and timely insights for churches today.

Christina Embree

Christina Embree is the founder and director of ReFocus Ministry. She holds a doctorate in spiritual formation with a focus on age segregation and intergenerational ministry and a Masters degree in ministry focused on Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. In addition to coaching churches of multiple denominations and traditions all around the globe, Christina serves as the Minister of Generational Discipleship for the Great Lakes Conference of the Brethren in Christ and as Next Gen pastor at Open Door Church in Lexington, Kentucky. She is widely recognized as a speaker and author in the areas of generational discipleship, intergenerational ministry, and family ministry. As the mother of three, she is familiar with the challenges of faith at home and pastoral ministry. She, along with her husband Luke, share a love for the church, their community, and the global work of peace and restoration through Jesus.

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