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    CallingNOW – 30 Video Story Experiences

    $ 49.99

    Our Vibrant Faith team has developed these story-based Calling Now devotional experiences to help both youth and adults deeply explore God’s answers to these questions in their lives. These experiences are flexible—easy to use either online or in person. And they are expertly designed to help people develop deeper connections with God. 

    What’s included: 

    1. 30 Story Videos
    2. 30 Corresponding PDF’s with questions, devotions, and prayers
    3. A user guide with tips and suggestions to help you get started and help you introduce the experience in your church or ministry.  

    Visual Faith

    $ 99.99

    See the Story. Hear the Story. Live the Story.

    Our Vibrant Faith team has spent years developing Visual Faith as a go-to curriculum for engaging people in surprisingly deep conversations about faith and life. We know from vast experience—nothing opens people to exploration and transformation more powerfully than a visual catalyst for spiritual conversation.

    It’s that simple.

    We’ve created 52 surprising ways for you to spark faith-forming adventures—our Year 1 collection is flexible enough to be used as a full-scale curriculum or as the focus for small-group conversations or as the “meaty center” in a large-group teaching setting. You’ll find each experience easy to lead and rich in conversational fruit—that’s because this approach is grounded in decades of research and the life-changing teaching of Jesus.

    Jesus said: “Your eye is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is filled with light” (Luke 11:34, NLT). What our eyes see—what we take into ourselves visually—can “fill us with light.” That’s true literally and metaphorically.