Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets

$ 29.99

Who Is Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets For?

Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets is designed for adults but can easily be used with college-age and high school young people. It’s perfect for adult small groups, Sunday school classes, retreats, trainings, youth ministry, and leadership teams. Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets is for anyone who wants to grow more impactful communication skills and become champions of justice and equity in their faith communities.

What you’ll get:

  • Introduction & User Guide
  • 24 creatively structured conversation guides
  • 24 PowerPoint slide decks corresponding to the conversation guides

When it comes to tough conversations about race and equity, politics, marginalized people groups, cultural tensions, and more, most people don’t know where to begin. The church isn’t often the place they’re looking to for guidance on how to have meaningful conversations. It’s a gap that Reachable Reconciliation founder Fred Oduyoye feels compelled to fill—that’s why he’s created Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets. These TalkSheet resources are the perfect way to embark on a transformational journey towards reconciliation, empathy, and personal growth.

What Is Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets?

Reachable Reconciliation TalkSheets is a set of 24 structured conversation guides that build on the 5 R’s of Reachable Reconciliation: React, Reflect, Repair, Reach, leading to Relationship. As participants and leaders engage thought-provoking questions and then engage one another, they’ll be guided through a relational process that changes them from reactive relational partners to thoughtful engaging listeners. The goal is to move relationships forward in understanding. And the result is fruitful relation-building conversations that seek peace and understanding throughout all aspects of their everyday life.