Lives of Meaning and Purpose

$ 139.99

We need every part of the Body—all of us—living out of a deeper meaning and purpose. And that’s what Vibrant Faith’s new resource, Lives of Meaning and Purpose, is all about.

This Life-Changing Experience Includes…

  • A Comprehensive Introduction & User Guide
  • Full Documentary The Power of Calling, with Leader Guide and Participant Handout
  • Six-Lesson Small Group Series, including Leader Guides and Participant Handouts
  • PowerPoint Slide Decks for all six small group lessons
  • Trailer for The Power of Calling Documentary
  • Promotional Graphics

How would our lives be different—and the lives of those we influence—if we lived out of deeper sense of our meaning and purpose in life?

The Bible makes clear that God has embedded in each of us unique “drivers”—particular gifts that make us “members” of the Body of Christ. When we live out these drivers together, we extend and embed His presence in the world. Our callings, tied to our God-given purposes in life, complement and serve the callings of others. And together we live out the heart of Jesus in the world.

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