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The Ministry Coach Imperative

By Rev. Erik SamuelsonVibrant Faith Coaching Team/Coaching School Faculty If you’re like most ministry leaders I know, after re-inventing pretty much every element of your ministry

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How to Reclaim Curiosity

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching Services & Coaching School We underestimate the power of curiosity—it’s the bedrock of learning, imagination, and innovation. Vibrant Faith highlights the primacy

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Faith Formation - Articles

Our BFF, Stress

By Rick LawrenceExecutive Director I was talking with a friend about those seasons in everyday life when we feel the pressure-cooker of stress inside building up

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Teach Us To Pray

By Rick LawrenceVibrant Faith Executive Director Researchers with the National Study of Youth and Religion found that the overwhelming majority of teenagers (and their adult parents who were

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Vibrant Faith Leadership - Articles

A Way to Live

Four years ago a publisher approached me about a percolating idea for a book project. They suggested pairing me with a psychologist to write a

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The Power of Stories

Last week, our Vibrant Faith team hosted “project teams” from 20 churches at a downtown Denver hotel—all gathered for a kickoff training event tied to

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Redemptive Story-Engaging

In our ongoing partnership with churches in our 4th-Soil Parenting Project—a three-year experiment with parents to plant new ways to “infect” their children with an

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