The Old Mission is the New Mission

By Rick LawrenceVibrant Faith Executive Director The other day, in the locker room of my health club, the TV was tuned

Managing Your Anxiety as a Leader

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching & Coaching School “All people should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from,

Worship as Spiritual Formation

By Rev. Dr. Mark A. SlaughterVibrant Faith Coaching Team Like all things we do week after week, our worship service

The Metrics of Faith Formation

By Rick LawrenceVibrant Faith Executive Director Do you know how to measure spiritual maturity in those you’re serving? It’s one of

Six Ways to Curate Curiosity

By Jim LaDouxDirector of Coaching Services & Coaching School We underestimate the power of curiosity—it’s the bedrock of learning, imagination, and innovation.

The Gift of Inexplicable Belief

By Rick LawrenceExecutive Director Ever had someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself? Or, even deeper, ever had

Jesus-Centered Ministry

By Rick LawrenceExecutive Director (This is an edited excerpt from my book Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry.) I was invited to have lunch with