They were all amazed, and they kept on asking one another, “What is this? A new teaching—with authority!

Mark 1:27


Calling through Prayer

Revealing God,
throughout time and space
you’ve made yourself known
to the whole of creation.
When we encounter you now,
truly encounter you,
we are awed and amazed
at your great love for us,
particularly for those who are
in need of healing.

Sometimes, it is hard
to know how to respond
to your greatness!
Open our senses
to the magnificence of
your work in the world.
Let us see, hear, smell,
taste, and touch
even glimpses of your
great glory.

Deepen our awareness
of you in our daily lives
and in the lives of
those around us,
so that the whole world might grow in amazement of you.


Day 29-PRAYER | Exploration Questions
  • In the last year, what’s something new you’re learning about God? About yourself?
  • How has your calling to prayer changed and matured since you were young?
  • What’s one thing that comes up quickly in your prayer time, and why?