Christian Parenting is Gold- Laura Kelly Fanucci

Hello Friends! We want to share an amazing 54 minutes with you… 

In March of this year, we launched into a three-month deep dive into a wide array of listening exercises with Christian parents. As we move into 2023 you’ll begin to learn more about this project, and how we’ll be ramping up our work as an organization around this essential audience for the formation of faith. We’ll be helping churches expand, clarify, and catalyze the spiritual formation of parents for a “downstream” faith impact on their kids. 

As a part of that work, Rick Lawrence (Vibrant Faith’s Executive Director) and I interviewed Laura Kelly Fanucci, founder of the parent-support organization Mothering Spirit and author of Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting. We wanted to glean from her perspective on developing the faith lives of parents. I met Laura through our Creating a Culture of Calling grant work with The Collegeville Institute. 

Two years ago, near the beginning of the pandemic, Laura wrote and posted a powerful and poignant poem on Instagram—the poem went viral, and Laura suddenly had 23,000 people following her. So she followed God’s leading and created This Messy Grace, an Instagram-based ministry primarily focused on moms. 

We asked Laura Kelly Fanucci (a mom of five) to help us “get under the hood” with Christian parents during this seminal time in our history. Here is the link to our conversation: https://vimeo.com/744613136/8b07e0e98b

Enjoy! And watch for more updates on this project in the months and years to come…


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